TIIN artisan is a small project from our artist’s dream, which intends to create pieces from her favorite hobby in art and mechanical keyboards. By creating keycaps out of creativity by sculpting characters from clay, added details to the character, with MX style stem compatible and molded with colorful resin to look lively.

          We are trying over and over again. We are taking action even if it fails again and again. But if we believe in what we do, do not hesitate to take action, believe wholeheartedly that the way and the things that are done. It will be able to create success in life. Our room is fulfilled with over mold and resin. But success is just an experiment, giving up is not an option.

“Not all people who fail are successful. But all successful people have failed.”

Ultimately, we built our work in the name of TIIN.


“TIIN” derives from the name of the artist’s first dog that was ever bred and loved very much, but sadly he passed away. So we took his name and changed it into a brand name. It’s the logo of our work, to always remember the cute little dog.

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